Taking IT To People

AISECT (All India Society for Electronics & Computer Technology) formed in 1984 as SECT (Society for Electronics & Computer Technology). The initial focus of AISECT was on Science Popularisation, Technology Awareness and Computer Literacy. In the next 30 years, the agenda became much more broadbased to include conduct of formal training courses in Information Technology and related Vocations, utilisation of Information Technology for Rural Development, development of training contents in Indian languages, advocacy and awareness generation in I.T. and Online Training and Service Delivery.

AISECT at present is a Network of 20,000 centres in 27 states and 3 UTs of India. These centres are engaged in delivery of education, training, and online services across the country. About 1,00,000 candidates are benefitted every year through the various skilling programmes available at AISECT Centres.

Building up a viable and sustainable model for Rural IT Centres became one of the major concern of AISECT which resulted in devising the Multipurpose IT centre concept, later followed widely by most of the development groups in India. The case study is documented in 1999 in the IIM-Ahmedabad and World Bank compilation of case studies on ICT for development.

Taking IT to people was one of the foremost vision of Santosh Choubey since the inception of this career and a reason behind of setting up of SECT. Therefore he facilitated several initiatives for popularizing Science and Technology and computer literacy by organizing awareness campaign, IT Yatras (for children’s and students), National IT Olympiad, Agmarknet Yatra (for farmers), Janadhar Yatra (for communities residing in remote and hilly areas), Kaushal Vikas Yatra (for youth). In this section the landscape of such efforts is presented.

In the exhibition of products from scavenging community

Making presentation in DST workshop

Displaying I.T. Yatra Van to Prof. P.B. Sharma

With His Excellency Shri D.N.Sahay, Governor of Chhattisgarh in IT Yatra 2001

Flagging off on I.T. Yatra in Chhattisgarh

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